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    Changes with no open Change Tasks

      Hi All


      I am having an issue whereby occasionally someone will close a Change Task, but the next Change Task will not automatically open.

      This then leaves the Change with no open Change Task.


      To catch these, I would like to create a report that shows me any changes that are active, but do not have any Change Tasks with an "Open" status.


      I have tried creating a report on the change_task table, and then linking back the the change_request table by grouping via the parent Change number.


      However, the closest I can get is returning all Changes that have an open Change Task, and as such I don't get the Changes returned that have no open Change Tasks.


      This report is as below:


      Changes that have multiple Change Tasks not open, but still have at least one Change Task open, should not be returned when the report is working.



      Any help would be appreciated!



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          Jaspal singh

          Hi Ryan,


          Modify the filter condition from Active it is true to Parent.Active is true.


          Active is true checks for open change tasks but Parent.Active is true will check for Changes requests that are open.

          Jaspal Singh

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            • Re: Changes with no open Change Tasks
              Ryan Woodburn

              Hi Jaspal

              Thanks for your quick reply.


              The issue is, that will still only return all open Change Tasks.


              I need a report that will all active Changes, that do not have any open Change Task.  (Note: A Change can still be active without an open Change Task in our instance)


              If I set a filter to Change Task status is not open, this will simply return all Change Tasks that are not open, without letting me know if the Change has any other Change Tasks open.