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    save as draft before submit a Change

      Hello ,


      I Have a requirement to save the record as DRAFT before submit in change as show below we have only "Submit" Button . How is the best way to do this ?

      And where can we see those records?

      Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 09.05.55.png

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          Brian Lancaster

          If you click on the Menu (the three lines next to Change Requests) you should have a save button.  You should be able to see everything under change > Open Change.  To make it easier for our users we put a My Changes in the Work Manager menu with the roles that are allowed to submit changes to be the only one that can see that menu option.

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            Shubhpreet Singh

            HI Ehasebe,


            First you should bring the state field on the form and then create your own ui action named as "save as draft" and make it visible for a new record.

            In this UI Action you should write:-



            So in this way your record will be saved in draft state and also you have to create your own submit button as the global submit button will not be visible once record is saved in draft state.And your custom submit button will be visible only in draft state.So that it doesnt hamper the oob UI Actions.

            All your change record will be visible under All change Records or you can also create your own module to open changes that are in draft state.


            PLZ mark this correct if it resolved your issue or feel free to ask if u still have any queries.



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