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    Continue Shopping button not going to Catalog home page

      We've begun working on building out a Service Portal to replace the legacy CMS version.


      Within the Portal configuration, the Catalog home page is set to a custom Page my_sc_home.


      However the OOTB shopping cart page, sc_cart, doesn't take you back to my_sc_home when you click either Continue Shopping or View the Catalog.


      I began to try to make a custom shopping cart page with a custom cart widget which works, but I now need to alter the header widget for the Cart too so you are taken to the custom cart.


      Is there a less invasive way to have a custom Catalog home page or is it really advised to just alter sc_home and use that instead?

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          Nathan Firth

          It's definitely frustrating that so many of the URLs are hard coded in to the widgets, and an issue I've raised many times. However instead of updating all the links, why not just change the page ID of your page to be "sc_home" and change the out-of-box one to something else. That way you can have your custom page without having to change all the URL's.


          Also I would avoid cloning the cart and catalog item widgets as they are likely to change between releases and will make it easier to upgrade in the future.

          Nathan Firth
          Principal ServiceNow Architect