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    Ask the Experts: Performance Analytics: The ‘I’ in ‘KPI’ | Where do I start?

      expert-logo-2.pngDo you have the problem where everything seems to be a KPI? Do you have the problem where everyone is confusing Reports, Dashboards, KPIs, Metrics, Measures? Do you have the problem where everyone is asking for a specific KPI? I will demonstrate how I provided the starting blocks to engage and get the many countries I support onboard with my vision on measuring KPIs with targets.



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      August 3rd, 2017 10 am PT


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      Prabjoth-Saimbhi.jpgPrabjoth Saimbhi is a ServiceNow expert with an implementation and continuous improvement track record across global BUs and countries. Prabjoth is a team player and able to work across many personas without losing track of the bigger picture. Prabjoth is able to quickly absorb new information, analyse and convert it into strategic and innovative models. Performance Analytics has enabled him with his diverse global experience to provide varied realistic adoption techniques.




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