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    Facilities Workbench Related Links

      There is a link on the Facilities Workbench to 'Show Space Details'. I created a custom view on the Space table called 'Facilities'. How can I force that view when users select that link?

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          Nicholas Lawrence

          There is not a facilities configuration to do this; however, a workaround is to use View Rules.



          Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 5.42.20 PM.png


          The floor plan opens space links in the format TABLENAME.do?sys_id=RECORDSYSID&sysparm_clear_stack=true&sysparm_referring_url=$close_this_modal.do.

          In a view rule, you can look for "close_this_modal.do" in the URI and use that as a basis for viewing a record on the floor plan. However, this view rule would need to be duplicated for all tables you want to show a different view for (eg. fm_space, fm_office, fm_cubicle, etc.)

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