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    Service Adoption/Certification of Processes

      Any suggestions how to Certify that Services have adopted processes are appreciated. My role is Continual Service Improvement Process Owner/Manager with a focus on improving Business Process Maturity.  Process adoption measurement is a challenge but key to achieving the desired benefits of ITIL and ServiceNow implemented.


      Problem Statement:  How do we ensure Services adopt & use the ITIL processes on an ongoing basis?


      Background:  Turnover and size of the organization result in risk that ITIL processes are not reasonably implemented and used by Services.


      Desire: Have a sustaining mechanism, prefer low overhead, to assess and measure Service adoption of process with ultimate objective to 'Certify' each service by process.



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          Ozzie Sutcliffe

          That's a big question..

          Which services ??

          How are the customers /users avoiding your services??


          Take Service Desk, if the call volume has dropped and Service Portal usage is up, that would show adoption.

          Within that, your happy customers stats may have dropped a little typically at first because it take folks a while to get used to not having their hands held.


          ITIL is just a  framework so its all about your Services.

          Don't forget numbers are like people, the more you punish them, the more they tell you.

          Listed to the users, in the end they are the best barometer.

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              Thank you for your response.


              It would be all services.

              The focus is not on end users but rather Internal IT roles such as Service Owner, Access Manager, Request Manager, etc within the Services.


              The idea is to ensure Services are following Global Processes.  There can be variation within the process at the more granular level for each Service.


              We want to be sure that a) Services are adopting and following the processes of the Global Process Owners (for 22 of the ITIL processes)   b)  That there is performance based criteria used to 'Certify' each service.


              The benefit is that we get improved efficiencies, consistent user experiences, and tied into a Continual Service Improvement culture (we are driving toward).


              Performance based criteria along with sustainable program are tough.  There will need to be some subjective aspects to it.


              When we moved to ITIL there was an adoption effort that was heavy lift and primarily checklist based.  No follow up and not sustainable.


              Any insights about how ISMP organizations know and ensure processes are being adopted and followed are helpful.

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                  Ozzie Sutcliffe


                  Objective 123

                  Benchmarks 456


                  Objective 1 : Process A B C D E

                  Objective 2 : Process FG

                  Objective 3 : Process H

                  Process Management

                  ServiceNow : Applications A B C D E

                  ServiceNow : Applications FG

                  ServiceNow : Application H

                  ServiceNow : Benchmarks KPI etc


                  Foe axample

                  Policy : All CI's must go through change control to get added to the network

                  Discovery found an unauthorized server on the network.

                  Discovery cannot map to existing CI

                  Create security incident

                  Investigation reveals New Employee was not aware of process.

                  Added server via Change all is well

                  Questions raised?

                  1. Does this happen a lot?

                  2. Is is a training gap or a process gap?

                  3. Is this just an exception?

                  4.Is this a deviation (meaning it happens a lot)

                  5.If a deviation then the process is broken


                  No deviations then the world is good. KPI should be good and predicable and variances can be mapped to staffing . work load , complexity of tickets etc

                  Excessive deviations mean process improvement is needed. Deviations cause spikes, too many emergency changes, standard changes are failing. SLA' are being breached..

                  Any more and I will have to send you a bill!

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                      Excellent input.


                      I get what you're saying and it makes sense.  In order to achieve that the processes and systems need to be well oiled machines with the process integration as well as collection and correlation data.


                      That seems to be further ahead in maturity than where we are.


                      The process, thinking, etc makes a lot of sense and is applicable to what we are trying to achieve.




                      PS. . ... you need to find me to get me the bill.  I appreciate the help.