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    CMDBf as of DMTF



      are the interfaces and capabilities as descirbed in CMDBf of DMTF (CMDBf | DMTF) supported within ServiceNow product?

      Any details/information on federation supported by ServiceNow not being part of the above standard is also fine. Thanks for your support?


      Background is that a customer currently has ServiceNow running in a multi provider setup with there own CMDBs and we want to analyse if federation is a way to go where our customer's CMDB is the federating CMDB.





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          Brett Hamilton

          Hi Christian,


          ServiceNow has opted to use a reconciliation engine for integrating CMDB data rather than following the CMDBf standards, although it is a different method the outcomes are essentially the same in that you can choose which sources are responsible for which CMDB attributes in the CMDB in question.


          More detail on how this works at a detailed level can be found on our docs site here: CMDB Identification and Reconciliation




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