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    Lookup fields not responding to input

      I have a workflow called employee exit that creates an sc_task for certain business units to remove access
      all of the sc_task that are generated from this workflow do not allow for the assignment group or assigned too fields to be changed (No they are not locked)

      when trying to change the field value, i can remove the existing text but entering new SNOWISSUE.PNGtext or clicking the magnifying glass icon has no response
      what do!?!?

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          Sneha Binani

          Check the Reference Qualifier value for the field.


          Right click on the field and select Configure dictionary and verify the reference qualifier value.

          Sneha Binani

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              Hi Sneha,


              I need your  help  regarding ''Inbound email actions''


              When ''Requested for'' replied then only Checkbox should check-in , other wise should not check-in? how Can we do this ?


              This is my INBOUND ACTION





              if (current.getTableName() == "sc_task") {

              current.comments = "reply from: " + email.origemail + "\n\n" + email.body_text;


              if (gs.hasRole("itil")) {

              if (email.body.assign != undefined)

              current.assigned_to = email.body.assign;







              if (email.body.priority != undefined && isNumeric(email.body.priority))

              current.priority = email.body.priority;









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              Kalaiarasan P

              Can you confirm if any of the reference field lens icon works on the form or not?

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                Cameron Scott

                Hi guys, thanks for the input
                No i could not use any of the reference fields on the form


                I found out what was wrong though, I had a client script that was trying to make text bold and it was causing an error and for some reason making the entire form "inactive" for lack of a better term


                This is the script for those who are interested


                function onLoad() {

                var makebold = g_form.getControl('commentsLabel').setAttribute('style', 'font-weight: bold;font-size:15px'); 

                makebold.style.fontWeight='bold'; }