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    Inbound Action- get latest comment from mail



      We are using inbound action and in order to correspond with users. today, when we get a reply by mail, we take the email.body_text and enter it to the comment field.

      This mean the whole email is entered to the comment field, including the full correspondence of the mail.


      We are looking for a way to take only the latest comment from the email.


      Does anyone familiar with how to do it?


      Thank you!

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          Vinoth Murugan

          Hi Eli,


          You can try something similar as below to get the latest comment from the email and it will work.


          var messageContent = email.body_text;

          if (messageContent.indexOf("From")!=-1)


            messageContent = messageContent.substring(0, messageContent.indexOf("From")).trim();




            messageContent = messageContent.trim();


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              Eli Guttman

              Hi Vinoth,


              Thank you  - i have checked this option, and handling this issue by removing everything below "From" only solve some of the cases ( i was also able to achive it by using the "glide.pop3.reply_separators" property - is there anything that the script you provided handle better than this properly ? )


              I have done some tests by reply from mobile device , for example - if i reply to mail from iPhone mail application, there is no "From" in the reply - there is a time stamp of the time and date of the reply, and then, the rest of the message, for example:






              there might be also other cases, by other mail application ( not sure how it work from Android )


              Are you familiar with something more generic to handle this issue?


              Thank you for you Help!