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    Unknown error with Specific Record Producer...?

      I moved an  update set from a dev to test, and everything went well, however I am not able to open a new record producer from the Service Portal. This uses the the icon widget and is using the following format Instance/portal/?id=sc_cat_item&sys_id=4ab6cd22dbc9b60096657c4daf96196e this works in dev without an issue, however in test I get the error that is attached below. To rule out the widget I can get other Catalog items to work without any error, it just seems that something is keeping it from working?



      Lastly if I use the same widget but point it back to my dev instance of form it works? It related to this one record producer, and when I compare the dev and test record producers they are the exact same..


      Any have any ideas what I'm missing?