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    How should check checkbox in Task form ,  when Requester replays to servicenow instance task record.

      i have created Inbound notification and Outbound notification for Task[ sc_task]

      i have created notification alert when task generated

      Notification receives to " Assign To" and " Requested for"


      Query:  i have created on CheckBox [ Y/N] in TASK form, here query is when ''Requested for'' replied then only that checkBox should check,


      Ex: if Assign To person  replied , checkbox should not check-in,.... it should check-in when Requested for person will replies .........

      it is going to checked-in if replied assign to and Requested for ......i don't what like that ,  should check in when Requested replied.

      how can we achieve it

                                          Please check screenshots it will explains

      Screen shots


      Inbound Notification:


      Outbound :