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    Ask the Experts : Summer of Champions – Champion Wars! The FINALS

      Champions Assembled for the Summer 2017!

      Join us right HERE - Wednesday, August 23 at 2PM PST


      expert-logo-2.png Welcome back to the final installment in ServiceNow’s Summer of Champions – Champion Wars! During this session, superhero champions from customers, partners, and from within ServiceNow will be battling it out to determine which activities are most important to driving lasting adoption of your ServiceNow implementation. These champions prove you don’t have to be a demigod, super soldier, mutant, playboy billionaire, the product of a science experiment gone horribly wrong (or right!), or even wear spandex to change the world!


      Please welcome our superhero champions back for the final battle of the Summer of Champions on Wednesday, August 23 at 2PM PST and cheer for your favorite team!



      In the red corner, from Team Marvel, we have –

      • Trisha “Rogue” Johnson – Becton Dickinson
      • John “Daredevil” Ryan – Crossfuze
      • Mike “Rocket” Hamblin – ServiceNow


      In the blue corner, from Team Defenders, we have –

      • Ryan “Flash” Koval – WA State Dept of Health
      • Swapna “Oracle” Bogle – RMS
      • Brian “Cyborg” Uhelski – Acorio
      • Rob “The Presence” Pickering – ServiceNow



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      Click the Video to Play the live Broadcast on 8/23


      (don't forget to change the settings to 720d HD!)

      Your Host!

      britt.champeau is the Content Architect of Champion Enablement. Britt was a customer prior to joining ServiceNow almost 3 years ago and has personally experienced just how important communication is to the sustainable success of an implementation. Historically, she specializes in knowledge management, and you may have seen her present at Knowledge conferences or your local SNUG. is a lifelong Star Wars fan, who lives in Boulder, CO with her dog,abcede(For those of you who prefer English to Galactic Basic, that’s Abcde (pronounced Ab-sid-ee).)