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    Project Recalculation Exclusions

      Hello Everyone,


      Have you ever wanted to prevent the recalculation of (Planned Start/End Dates) for projects/releases..etc?


      If a task or set of tasks are scheduled to start immediately upon project start (meaning that their time constraints are set to Start ASAP and they have no other start dependencies), the actual start dates of those tasks also change to the current date.


      The planned start dates of all other tasks adjust accordingly based on the time you started the project. Their new planned start dates depends on several factors, including dependent relationships with other tasks and the duration for each task.


      A new table has since been introduced. The Planned task Recalculation Exclusions ( planned_task_recalculation_exclusions) table was designed to allow you to configure the tables you would not like to the recalculation to occur.


      For example If you decide that you would not like the recalculation of project tasks to occur you can add the (pm_project_task) table to the( planned_task_recalculation_exclusions) table and the recalculation will not occur.


      The business rule which handles this recalculation is called the (Recalulate) "sys_id = 3a3412b09f230200598a5bb0657fcf69" running on the (planned_task) table.

      (For Istanbul this varies for older versions)


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          Arun Vydianathan

          Yes that is correct info.


          Suppose you have a Project and as its children you put both Project task and Story records. Since both are planned task extensions, recalculation engine would pick up all the children and calculate dates based on all of them.


          But you want to ignore Story from recalculation of projects and consider only project task records, then you can register rm_story in the planned_task_recalculation_exclusions table and the story records will not be considered while recalculating the project.

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            Michael Miller

            Ive tested this in our Jakarta version (not sure if it has changed since istanbul), but this also prevents the automatic changing Parent Project Tasks as 'Closed Complete' when all the Child Project Tasks have been completed.  It updates the percent complete on to 100% on the Parent Project Task, but doesnt change its status.

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              Michael Miller

              Another thing I have found is when I add the pm_project_task to the Exclusions Table above, I cannot add apply templates to projects.  It looks like it tries to apply the template and then the screen refreshes and to a full screen for applying another template again.