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    Metric_instance records are being duplicated

      I created a metric (code below) which is using:


      Field: Work notes

      Type:Script calculation


      The goal is to create a metric instance when a User adds a work note. But I am seeing duplicate metric records (different sys_id but same field values) .  It also appears that this only happens when you hit Post instead of hitting Saving/Updating. I have also seen this behavior when I attempt to add a Work note to an Incident.list instead of actually being in the Incident form




      // variables available

      // current: GlideRecord -  target incident

      // definition: GlideRecord -  (this row)




      function createMetric() {


          // Only process for IT Service Desk TMSS Team

          if (current.assignment_group.getDisplayValue()!='IT Service Desk TMSS' )



          var mi = new MetricInstance(definition, current);

          var gr = mi.getNewRecord();

      var uname = current.sys_updated_by;

          var ugr = new GlideRecord('sys_user');

      ugr.get('user_name', uname);


      /*Note: You can only update 'value' field if you don't update 'field_value'. There is a OOB Business rule on Metric Instance which will override 'value' field before insert, if you change 'field_value'.*/

          gr.value = ugr.sys_id;

          gr.field = definition.field;

          gr.start = current.sys_updated_on;

          gr.end = current.sys_updated_on;

          gr.calculation_complete = true;