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    Ask the Experts! Ready or Not, Here Comes GRC – Brought to You by Champion Enablement


      Now everybody try

      To find a good, secure place

      The ServiceNow platform is gonna be the base!


      Welcome to the first session in the ‘ServiceNow Rocks!’ series of Champion Enablement’s Ask the Expert!


      Come Join us HERE on Sept 19, 2017 9am PT to watch a Live Video Chat!

      In this session, we have special guests to discuss ServiceNow’s GRC offering:


      Andrew Wheatley – Senior Director of Internal Audit

      Ron Markham – Office of the CSO


      In this session, we’ll be discussing:

      • How ServiceNow Governance, Risk & Compliance helps an organization manage their ServiceNow implementation/ program
      • How you know when it’s time to introduce ServiceNow Governance, Risk & Compliance
        • What are some key words to listen for or some gaps you may notice in your organization?
      • What is the value of ServiceNow Governance, Risk & Compliance to Champions within organizations?
      • What does this look like in real life?



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