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    Event Management Dashboard - Groups View

      Just to share something I've discovered today: user preference for Event Management Dashboard for Groups view. The Event Management Dashboard defaults to showing all business services. This ends up looking like a mess and renders slowly in our production instance - with hundreds of business services.



      The Groups view is much nicer, rolls everything up into Service Groups (hierarchy managed in CMDB).



      In Jakarta, there is a new user preference to track whether a user clicks the Services or Groups or button on the dashboard - Groups view will become your default. This preference can be set so that all users default to the Groups view. This wasn't available in Helsinki, but works for me in Jakarta (and haven't found it documented anywhere).


      In a new sys_user_preference record:


      Description: [blank]

      Name: dashboard_group_mode

      System: [checked]

      User: [blank]

      Type: string

      Value: true


      Hope this helps someone! Cheers, Lee.

      Cheers, Lee.