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    Event Management - Event Match Fields

      Hello Experts,


      I am curious to know how event match fields work in Servicenow Event management ? We have a requirement where a source is pushing an event into Servicenow and with all parameters in additional information of event. We need to parse value for a parameter called Alert name to fetch and match a sub string, on the basis of sub string we need to set assignment group on Incident record.


      For instance if Alert name value is " Hello, welcome to Event Management" , we need to search for sub string "to Event" if found assign to Event management Group, if value comprises of " Hello, welcome to Incident Management", we need to search sub string " to Incident" and assign to Incident management Group and so on.


      Tried using Regex but it doesn't work as placements of these keywords can differ. Any tips/solution/guidance is highly appreciated !!


      Thanks and Regards,

      Ayush Saxena