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    ServiceNow Certification New Model ???

      Hi, SNOW-Family,


      We have been hearing these rumors that ServiceNow will have a new model for ServiceNow Certification effective from 1st Oct 2017. which has got some key highlights. This has created a much buzz across family/developers who already had certification, are more concerned that "Do they need to re-do / Recertify for those certificates?"


      While seeing these speculations I thought Community would be the best ground to find out reality.


      Hope to get more clearity on this buzz or It is just a rumors which should be IGNORED.




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          Pradeep Sharma

          Hello Aj,


          Please refer Andy Ho's comments in the below thread.

          Jakarta Sneak Peak

          - Pradeep Sharma (@sharma_pradeep)

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            ANIRBAN KAR

              Hi All


            Yes, I am confirming that ServiceNow has launched new certifications related to ServiceNow Implementation capability and also has proposed to change name of existing certification as described below:


            ServiceNow has launched new Learning Paths and Implementation Specialist Certifications aligned to specific products. With this launch, ServiceNow has also changed the names of our courses to better align to the construct of the new paths. Including one of the most popular courses, the "System Administration" certification is now "ServiceNow Fundamentals" certification.


            New Implementation Specialist courses are now available. Below is a sample of those courses now being offered.


            Certified Implementation Specialist - ITSM
            Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping
            Certified Implementation Specialist - Financial Management
            Certified Implementation Specialist - Human Resource
            Certified Implementation Specialist - Customer Service Management
            Certified Implementation Specialist - Vulnerability Response


            However, please note below are the currently available certifications, which you can register and complete before new exams get into action:


            Certified System Administrator
            Certified Application Developer
            Certified Implementation Specialist


            The ServiceNow website will be updated to showcase these courses and new learning paths in next few days as it seems.


            Hope you will find above mentioned information helpful to understand the new certification exams and related updates.

            Thank you,

            Anirban kar


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              Aakash Shah

              Hello AJ,


              You may also find this thread helpful.

              I have shared the new blue print of CIS-ITSM exam here

              NEW CIS Exam pattern

              Kindly let me know if this was helpful.

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              Thank you!

              Aakash Shah

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                Kunal Kumar

                Hello All,


                I am planning to take the CIS - HR exam in near future. Can anyone help me out with question pattern? Even some dumps for the questions to be asked will be also great.


                Thanks in advance!!