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    Need Help from Email script/Email Notifications

      Hi All,


      I'm new to the service now.please help me on this Requirement.


      Requirement:Adding Users to ''cc" in Email Notifications.

      Whenever an Incident is Opened/resolved, these users (let say:abel tuter, adela  cervantsz) will  automatically receive emails(in CC).

      For this one, i wrote a mail script like this and added to Incident Resolved Notifications.


      mail script:

      email.addAddress("cc", "abel.tuter@example.com","Abel Tuter");

      email.addAddress("cc", "admin@example.com","System Administrator");

      email.addAddress("cc", "adela.cervantsz@example.com","Adela Cervantsz");


      The above script is working.


      Incident Opened Notification:

      who will receive: caller_id


      My question is here,suppose,abel tuter(caller_id) opens an incident,The  abel tuter email appears in both "TO" And "cc" column.In this cases,abel tuter will display only in TO column and in the "CC" column  "admin" and "adela cervantsz" only to display.


      How can i acheive this one.Please Help..