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    View Relationships Between Citations in Jakarta

      How do you view relationships between citations in Jakarta? Was easy in Geneva as described in the following link:



      How do you do this in Jakarta? (I know how to do it in Geneva, which is what all of the product documentationa rticles refer to.  Can;t find how it's done in Jakarta.



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          One related question I have is around Super controls. I understand it was available in Geneva, but in Istanbul, I am not able to find it. Any thoughts?




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              Michael DeAndrea

              Hi Stanley:

              If I remember correctly, "super" controls were a UCF concept.  They referred to controls that could be used to test multiple requirements -- "test once, comply many."  I don't recall seeing a field called "Super Control" on the ServiceNow forms, but I may be wrong.  (I don't currently have access to an old Geneva instance.)


              I haven't used the UCF since Geneva so I am not sure how their "Super Controls" are now imported into ServiceNow but I do know that starting in Helsinki, all UCF controls are imported as Policy Statements.  So I suspect the UCF super controls would come in as super policy statements.  Then any controls you generate from those super policy statements could be considered super controls.  At least that's how I'm looking at it.  What do you think?


              Also, it's pretty easy to manually associate a single policy statement with multiple citations to achieve the same affect.



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              Michael DeAndrea

              Heard back from the HI Portal folks:

              "We do not have a notion of a "relationship" table between citations in the latest version of GRC."

              "We are placing this incident as 'Solution Proposed' "


              So, while you could display a schematic of the relationships between citations in Geneva and earlier models, you can't in Helsinki and later models.  However it sounds like they are open to bringing it back in future releases.