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    Implementation Risk, Implementation Cost, Large Company, Urge of use

      Hi Everyone,


      Just a little background.


      I am currently working for a company that outsources our IT Services (Helpdesk, Local Support, Infra, and a lot more). Initially the company uses a different ITSM Tool before outsourcing, then moved to Service Now as it was what the vendor was using. The Service Now license belongs to the vendor.


      In a few months, the contract with the vendor will end. Different IT Managers are pitching their ideas and most if not all of them wants to go back to what we were using before (not Service Now, a different ITSM tool). I want us to use Service Now. I know what it can do and i feel using Service Now will give our IT Organization a good backbone for the future.


      I guess what i'm asking is, how do i urge upper management to use Service Now?


      I plan on using developer.servicenow.com to create my own instance and show that as part of my demo to upper management. An instance that would show management what Service Now can do for us.


      A few other questions that might pop up would be the cost (as always). How much would it cost the company of around 49,000 employees to implement Service Now in the organization? What risks are there? How long would it take to transition to Service Now?


      I might be missing a few more but these are just a couple of things that are popping up in my head. I'm really the only advocate of Service Now in our Office Location and it's difficult to have a conversation and talk about what Service Now can do for us when it's only me. I'm hoping the community here would have some insights. Anything would be highly appreciated.


      Thanks a bunch! Hoping to hear from the community soon.

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          Champion Community

          Hi there!


          Have you checked out Champions? Champion Enablement is a self-service offering we've created for our customers and partners to provide them with free access to Communication & Training to drive adoption, Program Management to help them plan for sustainable success, and Introducing ServiceNow to the Enterprise to drive awareness, share success, and introduce new solutions to the organization.  The latter space includes an executive briefing center with documentation that covers the value of specific ServiceNow solutions in addition to the value of the overall ServiceNow platform. Check out the space today, and see if we have what you're looking for!


          If you're unable to get in, please email us at champion.enablement@servicenow.com, and we'll make sure we get you in!

          Champion Enablement Team
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            It'd be hard to give you the specifics you need without understanding the the objections or "counter-urgency" the stakeholders feel about returning to non-ServiceNow tools.  The few times I've witnessed / heard of accounts leaving ServiceNow it was always some combination of non-sustainable deployment coupled with cost.  I write them in order because cost is seldom an issue when a deployment goes right, because the sought after value has been pre-defined.  Sounds like there may have been a lot of friction between your orgs expectation, and what your vendor provided you on the platform.


            I've "saved" ServiceNow at a couple organizations, so I'm more than happy to be a sounding board for you.


            Reach out to me here and we can set up a time to talk.