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    Promotingcolumn in Jakarta

      Hello Everyone,

      I have tried to promote the field from 'child table' to 'parent table' using below script, but it is creating a field in all the extended tables


      GlideDBUtil.promoteColumn('childtable', 'parenttable', 'fieldname', true);


      Example : Consider, I am promoting field from 'host' to 'cmdb_ci' > the expected field got created in all the tables which are all got extended from cmdb_ci.


      Kindly share your valuable inputs to perform field promotion in Jakarta.


      Thanks in Advance!








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          Chuck Tomasi

          When you say that it got created on all tables, are you referring to the fact that you can access it from all tables (like a normal base class should) or do you see a field cmdb_ci.host, cmdb_ci_hardware.host, cmdb_ci_computer.host in the sys_dictionary table?


          Screenshots would be helpful here.

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