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    Gliderecord addQuery

      Running this exact code the count is always coming back as 500, but it should be > 2454 records.   If I look at the table the count  is



      Any insight as to why this isn't returning the full set of names would be appreciated.



      function onChange(control, oldValue, newValue, isLoading) {

         if (isLoading ) {



         var idz = getDepts();




      function getDepts() {

        var gr = new GlideRecord('u_badg_somrollup');     

        gr.addQuery('u_deptname' );


        var deptNames =[];                               


         while(gr.next()) {




          alert ("Returned Count: " + deptNames.length);   // 500

          return deptNames;


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          Pradeep Sharma

          Hello Glenn,



          Can you provide some additional details on what you are trying to accomplish? Details are encouraged.

          As a best practice, use GlideAjax calls for server-side calls. GlideRecord calls are not recommended from the client side.

          - Pradeep Sharma (@sharma_pradeep)

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            Glenn, your query uses the following WHERE clause:


            gr.addQuery('u_deptname' );


            Without a value there it means WHERE clause would be something like:


            SELECT * FROM u_badg_somrollup WHERE u_deptname IS NULL;


            Is this something you wanted on purpose?


            Running this in Background scripts should give you the exact count you are getting:


            var gr = new GlideRecord('u_badg_somrollup');     
              gr.addQuery('u_deptname' );


            If you had in mind a value for "u_deptname" the your query should look like:


            gr.addQuery('u_deptname', <value>);
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                Glenn Strout

                Yes, this was part of the problem.  I had assumed excluding the operator and value meant it would return everything.

                This worked better with gr.addQuery('u_deptname','DOES NOT CONTAIN', '').

                Oddly enough, gr.addNotNullQuery('u_deptname') would not run.

                However, the result set is still maxed out at 500 records (possibly a platform limit set by our administrator?) from a set that should have > 700 records.

                So, I think Pradeep may be right that I need to look into using GlideAjax for this.  Having no knowledge of GlideAjax or Script Includes at this point, I feel like I'm playing Serena Williams without having a backhand. 


                Thank you for your insight on this !



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                Divya Mishra

                Hey Glenn,


                If you just need the row count could you please try the below way :



                var gr = new GlideRecord("u_badg_somrollup");




                alert("Count is::"+gr.getRowCount());




                Let me know if this was helpful/correct

                Have a lovely day ahead




                Divya Mishra