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    Edit Report on "Overview" page - Jakarta

      Hi All,


      Posting out here just in case someone has run into this before I submit a HI ticket.


      We are currently running Helsinki in our production environment and have some custom reports setup on the Change overview page, which a small subset of employees can edit.  Working great.


      I cloned production to our test environment and upgraded to Jakarta (Patch 4) for testing, and these users can no longer edit these reports from the overview page

      (the pencil icon is gone ).  They can from the "view/edit" report module.  Me, as an administrator, can edit them from both locations.


      Any idea how I can get this icon to show for them?


      Thank you for any help you may be able to offer. 

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          Josh Cooper

          Apologies for the delay -


          In Istanbul they apparently decided to change how they handle security around all of the dashboards, so even those dashboards that were previously allowed to be modified due to role (pa_admin included!) can no longer edit a dashboard unless they own it or are shared with the role explicitly.


          Look on the top right in edit mode for the "Share" icon, and open it, select the roles tab, and then type in pa_admin or pa_power_user, etc - whatever the role was that you used to allow to edit the dashboards.  After saving, it should allow them to edit again.

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