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    Adding custom service catalog content widget in service portal

      Hi Everyone,

      I have been starting to use ServiceNow for just 2 weeks as Demo, and i am doing some applications for getting to know. This is my first serious problem, so can anybody help me ?


      I created a custom service catalog including some categories and items. I am tried to add it on the service portal as widget like the "Catalog Content" widget.


      Firstly, i looked for the catalog content widget server script as follows:

      asking community 1.png

      And, i saw these lines that "sp" portal instance pulled from the "sc_catalog table".

      After, i looked for what my catalog instance name is :

      asking community 3.png

      So i don't know if it is right but, i think that if i put my catalog portal instance "dhrsp" instead of "sp" on a new widget server script, the portal page can show my catalog items :

      asking community 2.png

      Finally, i took these warnings from the portal page, and the widget was empty.

      asking community 4.png

      Do you know how i fix it, or is there a different solution except this?


      Thank you..