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    horizontal line in knowledge article

      A colleague is trying to add a black horizontal line or bar to a knowledge article using the HTML editor. The legacy editor had the "insert horizontal line" button but we don't seem to have that in Jakarta patch 3 (maybe if we change the glide.ui.html.editor property we can use that button). Anyway, he tried using <hr size=5 color=black> in the HTML editor to get a solid black line in a knowledge article. He saves the article and it seems to keep the black line. However, when he goes to view the article outside of the editor the black line has become a barely visible grey line. Pulling up the HTML editor for the article shows that his tag is replaced with just <hr />. We could write up the article in a text editor and then import it but we don't want to do that. How have others added a thick, solid, black horizontal line or bar to a knowledge article through the HTML editor?

      <hr size=5 color=black>