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    Edited user detail fields for request(REQ) do not take effect on Request Item(RITM)



      When I make a service catalog request, the user details like requested for, requester email and phone number are auto-populated based on the login user.

      But when I am making request on behalf of someone, when I edited the auto-populated fields, the fields are not getting reflected in REQ and RITM(It saves only login user details)

      How can I resolve this issue?


      After navigating to Service catalog, my screen is below


      By default, the requester name, email, and the phone will be auto-populated with my details.

      But i am requesting on behalf of someone editing those fields with their name, email and phone number.

      After requesting a Request record REQ is generated and corresponding RITM and TASK.

      So in the REQ, RITM and TASK, i can see only my details in the requester name,email and phone number.

      The details which i edited on first page on not saved in database.

      Please let me know how to resolve.