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    Discovery,MID SERVER

      Here is the scenario ,


      I setup  mid server in my company  Houson ,TX and I have some servers outside USA ? Is it possible to scan those devices with that mid server (or) not? If yes ,how can we do that ? If No,how can we scan those servers ? suggest best practices

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          Sachin Namjoshi

          You can scan devices from discovery using mid server as long as your devices in your network.

          You will need to setup discovery schedules, range sets, credentials and develop probes, sensors( if required) to discovery these devices.




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            lokesh garg

            Hi Sumanth,


            If the servers outside USA have the same domain and establish a trust relationship with the servers with in USA then, they can be discovered using the same mid server. To discover those follow these steps.

            Create a schedule with name "Non US servers".

            Select the MID server which is present in USA.

            Input the IP ranges of the servers in schedule.


            If the servers are not in same domain or there in no trust relationship between two domains then, you have to install another MID server on the domain in which all the other servers exist and run discovery accordingly.


            Installation of MID server depends totally upon the trust relationship between the domains. If servers of one domain are accessible from another then, two domains are having a trust relationship and one mid server can discover both the domains. Else, we need to install different MID server in both the domains in order to discover the servers present in it.


            Best Practices suggest that we should reduce the no. of MID server as much as we can, because less mid servers are easily managed.



            Lokesh Garg


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              Timothy Broberg

              It is possible, but there can be issues:

              1. You may find that Windows probes use more network bandwidth than you're comfortable with.
              2. You may find that SNMP probes, which travel over UDP rather than TCP, perform erratically when there are a significant number of dropped packets.


              Multiple MID Server deployment for Discovery and Service Mapping has recommendations.