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    Hi all,i am newbie to service now,previously i worked in non IT,so my question is how to explain the projects in interview?

      if the project is pharma domain then how will explain the project?

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          Raymond Andrews

          Ok ... this is a complex question... first thing you should do is think about what an interviewer is looking for in a candidate...


          1) should be attitude .. if it isn't you probably want to move on.. if a company isn't willing to teach the right person the skill sets they need, it probably isn't the right company to work for.

          2) skill sets... and these should be looked at in a general term.. not a specific term.. so customer service is a skill set... scripting not in any set language just scripting in general, problem resolution.. etc...

          3) experience.. speaks for itself...


          now write down your skill sets and think about how they apply to a SNOW environment.. you started the thread off with stating you have non-IT experience.. but i suspect that is only partially true.. while you didn't work FOR IT... i would bet most of your projects INVOLVED IT.... you also probably had a LOT of customer service experience and experience interpreting between customers and developers <not software developers maybe but still translating tech speak to customer speak>


          so now you research who you are interviewing with.. are they a large cap company, mid, or small... this will help you figure out what THEY need.. look at their website.. see if you can figure out what they are using SNOW for ...


          The trick is to tailor your interview questions and answers to what you believe they need <or what they tell you they are looking for> and how your skill sets apply.  If they ask you questions that you have no clue to, do NOT settle for I don't know as an answer... the best answer is i have never done that and don't know the right answer.. but this is where i would LOOK to get the answer.. .and the steps i would take to resolve this... then list them and include a last resource of if all of that fails i would ask ... manager dev etc.. whoever you think that should go to... I will hire someone who can never give me a right answer but every question had a path to follow that was logical and would work over someone who answered 3/4 right and had no way to get to a solution on the rest EVERY time... .


          emphasis how your skill set would help the team and the company moving forward and your ability to learn.. a great example is to list things you have done in the past that you had no clue on in the beginning and how you overcame that lack of knowledge and moved the item to completion.


          interviewing is an art.. and I sucked at it badly till i DID a few hundred ... once you have done the interviewing it changes how you look at interviews!! hope this helps.

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