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    Managing Vendors

      HelloI We are in the process of developing Contract Management (Legal, IT, and Purchasing), and Facilities Management in Servicenow.  We are currently live with Clinical Engineering (Biomed) and several IT Service Management modules.  One of the hot topics we are facing now is with the management of Vendors and Manufacturers.  We currently are using our Materials Management platform to store a majority of our vendors, however it is an incomplete list  We also have a listing of IT's vendors and manufacturers in Servicenow, and there is no interface to our MM platform.  The dilemma we face is...a single vendor may have different Points of Contact and addresses depending on what department is engaging them (IT versus CE versus Facilities) and each group is requesting they have the permissions to maintain the Vendors they manage.  The other flip side of that is being able to ensure the proper contract/agreement is in place for us to do business with that Vendor (this process is somewhat disjointed right now).  I am wondering how other organizations are handling their vendors/manufacturers?  What is being used as the source of truth?  Is management of the Vendors centralized or decentralized?  Any insight and comments are welcome!

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          vineet yadav

          Hi Jeremy,


          In ServiceNow there is one feature domain separation.


          • Some of the points in terms of implementation:
          • You can have each domain for your departments
          • Global records which will be used in each departments.
          • Contracts specific to department and global
          • Configuration of foundation date global and domain wise.
          • Setting up SLA and notifications.


          The more we configure global SLA,Rules etct it will be easy to maintain.

          Here is link which will give more information:


          Domain separation setup