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    What should we know before we get started with FSM for a multi-company setup?

      We are using SN for ITSM, but just beginning to explore also using it for FSM. We have multiple independent companies and are fairly de-centralized. Each company has their own sites, buildings, assets, vendors, staff/resources, PM schedules, etc. They will want to see ONLY their own facilities requests, and see ONLY their own data when assigning and fulfilling requests. For example, they won't want to have to search through a drop-down list with everyone's vendors or assets or locations, just to find their own stuff. In short, to the Facilities Manager at each individual company the system should basically appear as if they are the only ones using it. Is this possible? Has anyone implemented a similar setup? Does it take extensive amounts of configuration to setup and maintain this? What considerations should we keep in mind as we move forward? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!