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    Value of property 'glide.pdf.max_rows' must be less or equal than 5,000

      I noticed today, and don't think that this has been the case in the past, that on some scheduled reports that I have running daily that are in PDF format are getting the following at the top of the report page:


      Value of property 'glide.pdf.max_rows' must be less or equal than 5,000. Default max row number applied (5,000)


      I checked the glide property and it was set to 25000. I'm very confident that this is not a property that I have changed myself (didn't even know that this existed until today) so I'm not sure why these warnings are occurring, and what is causing that. Wondering if anyone has any ideas or reason behind this? I'd like a way to at the very least suppress the text on my reports to avoid the questions from users the reports are delivered to.


      For reference, these are reports that show a list of records (tickets).