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    onSubmit Script not working in Service Portal

      I have the following script that works perfectly in the Service Catalog, but not on the Portal.  The UI Type is set to BOTH.


      function onSubmit() {
      var t = new GlideRecord('sys_user');
      var ti = t.title;
      var s = t.u_site;
      if((ti.indexOf('Executive')>=0 || ti.indexOf('Secretary')>=0 || ti.indexOf('Mgr')>=0) && s == '852f90bc0f14b100d39de478b1050ec9'){
      var gr_at = new GlideRecord("sys_attachment");
      gr_at.addQuery("sys_created_by", g_user.userName);
      gr_at.addQuery("sys_created_on", '>=', 'javascript:gs.minutesAgo(10)');
      g_form.addErrorMessage("You must have an attachment to submit.");
      return false;


      I also attempted to create a business rule that would not allow a requested item to be created without an attachment.  That works great, except for the fact that it still creates an empty REQ.  I tried changing the business rule to run on the sc_request table, but then it doesn't do anything at all.