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    Created by Field being truncated

      The created by field in our email sent logs is being truncated to 40 characters. When I go to look at the max length its 100 characters. Does anyone know where I can begin troubleshooting why this field is being truncated?

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          Mike Allen

          By default, it is 40 characters.  It would appear that it was changed, but the change is not honored by the application.  I would open a ticket with HI and see if there is something they can do.

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              Hey mike! So i actually figured SOME out, our instance has 25 email tables names going from sys_email to sys_email0000 all the way up to sys_email0023. The email table was where we were having issues with the created by field being truncated. I have never seen this many email tables in an instance. All created by the system the newest as new as a few weeks ago. Once I updated the max value for created_by in all email tables it worked fine (no more truncation). Odd thing is when I check the created_by field that was showing up as truncated in the email logs it shows as being related to JUST the sys_email table. Have you ever heard/seen anything like that before?


              If I go to each table (besides the original sys_email) and select any of the columns I see "no matches found" under table yet once i updated them all we are no longer having truncation issues in the logs?