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    Is there a way to disable the mapping defined in Asset CI Hardware State Mapping?

      Asset CI Hardware State Mapping (alm_hardware_state_mapping) and Asset CI Install Status Mapping (alm_asset_ci_state_mapping) have many OOB mappings defined.  Those definitions are locked down by ServiceNow so that even an admin can't make changes; not even to set them to Active = False.


      I'd like to set up custom mapping for Asset CI Install Status Mapping which will sync the two asset status fields to the cmdb_ci.install_status field.  Then not have any changes to asset states effect the cmdb_ci_hardware fields hardwware_status and hardware_substatus and vice versa. 


      It looks to me like the former can be accomplished by using domain other than global, and using choice values for alm_asset.install_status and cmdb_ci.install_status that are unique from the ones provided out of the box.  What I can't see is a convenient way to disable the Asset CI Hardware State Mapping functionality.  And since if an update to the CI side has a match on both mapping tables, then only the Asset CI Hardware State Mapping record is used, that interferes with the custom mapping I'd like to implement.