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    Search synonym syntax

      Would anyone be familiar with the synset syntax or confirm my interpretation of it?


      If you enter "building,tower,brick,empire state", does this mean that all words have equal meaning?

      If you enter "building,tower,brick=>empire state", does that mean that all words before => would equal empire state?


      Also, can you exclude matches even if contains a particular word/number combination through a synset definition? For example, I added the "401k,401(k),xbluex" as a test as a synonym for 401k however it returns anything that contains 401. I'd like to only return anything with 401k or 401(k).

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          Laurent Chicoine

          "A synonym map is two word lists separated by the equal and greater than characters => . When a search uses any word from the list on the right, Zing expands the search to include all words from the list on the left. When a search uses a word from the list on the left, Zing does not expand the search to include terms from the list on the right."


          Zing can expand search results with synonyms You also have an example provided by this doc.


          As for the 401k, I have no clue if it is possible to configure that.