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    How to dispatch/generate multiple tasks in the same time?

      Hello all,


      I have a question to ask here and i hope that i am posting it in a correct section. Now, my company recently changed our platform from Remedy to ServiceNow. I am working as a Help desk agent and I am generating tickets to service broken equipment. So, here is my problem:


      When we were using Remedy i could select multiple Incidents, do a mass modify and dispatch all incidents in the same time, and than just populate respective field when the service request/work order is generated. Since we are servicing supermarkets we are usually working with POS equipment, and this comes in handy when i have a large number of incident numbers for the same store, so i can do one call back, and dispatch in one click all of the equipment that was not fixed, or maybe resolve in the same manner.


      With ServiceNow I generate an incident number, and if a dispatch is needed I make a task, populate product and model numbers, assignee group and my name, and i hit save, and when the CorelationID is generated i copy and paste where it should go. So, for example, if i have 15 debit readers that need to be dispatched, i would like to do a multiple dispatch, which means that i need to create 15 tasks in the same time, for 15 different incident numbers. Is there a way for this to be done? Let's presume that all of the information that i need to fill in are the same, so there is no need to change anything in the task, i just need to create 15 of them in the same time and in the end get 15 different task numbers and CorrelationIDs. Any thoughts on this?


      Thanks in advance!