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    Workflow help. I need to place a timer at or before the approval

      We are having issues with managers not approving things on time so I was asked to place a timer +notification to remind them to approve or reject the Requested Item. They want a 7 day timer to remind them to approve or reject, and a 10 day to auto close it if no action is taken.   I know how to create a timer but need to know the best way to implement it on this workflow.

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          Another solution would be to create a workflow on the approval record. That workflow can create events / send notifications at the intervals you want.


          Then place a timer on the item workflow to cancel if no action is taken. I would make the approval and timer a sub-flow that you can place on any item.

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            Raymond Andrews

            depends on if you need this on every item.. or just a few.... either way the loop is the same... but where you put it changes...


            if you want it on ALL items create an approval subflow and include it in all items that need a timer.. if you just need it for one or two... i would ....


            prior to the approval put in a branch..


            right before the update tasks before the end put in the join...


            on the branch send one leg of the branch to the approval and the other leg to a timer for x number of days...

            after the timer put in an if <if state for the approval is NOT requested> if that is true send it to the join... if not rewind to the timer and repeat...


            now it will send out a reminder email every x business days until it is approved or rejected




            what WE did was set a scheduled job to run every day.. any approval that is older than 72 hours and is requested we send an email to the approver to poke em.. this way you have ONE solution doing this for EVERY type of approval.. doesn't matter if the approval is for a change, a document, or an item.. any approval in requested on the sys_approvals table we send a poke to the approver.


            if you want you can also even include in the job an if.. so that if the approver is no longer active <or is a web services user> it sends an incident to someone to go fix that approval!

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