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    Budget Period Will Not Open!  Cannot Promote Demands!

      I'm on Helsinki in my Dev Instance.  Here's a strange one!  I can't seem to open budget year FY 17:

      I click on FY17:

      Click Update, and, same thing!:

      I cannot promote my demands I created

      because portfolio workbench says:

      Any ideas?  Thanks!

        • Re: Budget Period Will Not Open!  Cannot Promote Demands!
          Sean Hamilton

          Wait there's more!

          When I go to this screen:

          and click on false I get:

          Then I click update and get this:

          Oh boy, so this gets complicated!  The next thing I did was go back to this screen:

          and notice how I made all the years false?  They weren't before!  Most were true.  Not all but most, so I made them all false!, THEN...

          I made the year in question, 2017 true!.  Thern I went back to the portfolio workbench and Oila, saw this message bottom left had changed and then promoted my plan!  And it worked, except then I had to approve the plan by following the instructions in the wiki, the link is after the screenshot

          View promoted portfolio budget plans in the planning workbench

          That was not easy!  And now I have to promote the forecast!

          I'm exhausted.  Does it really need to be this hard?  I'm not dumb, I've managed $100 million dollar portfolios and budgets!  Seriously, I have, in Excel!  It was a lot easier than this.  This could be an overreach by SN, so I'll be back at it tomorrow and see if it goes smoother for me.  I'll keep you posted!  And YES I'm marking my own 4-hour answer as correct!