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    JDBC connection with integrated Windows user

      hello community,


      we want to create a JDBC Connection to insert data in a SQL database. For authorization we use an integrated Windows user.

      But we are not able to do/use this at a workflow Task. Is this generally possible to do this ?

      If we create a data source there it works. As you can see did we have the possibility die Use an integrated Windows user.



      Is there any solution for this ?

      additional Information for for what i mention you can see in the screenshots.

      SQL Insert.png2017-11-30 11_22_31-JDBC RequestWorkflow Data Test _ BEAT DEVSYSTEM.png


      regards lars

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          Ankush Latawa

          Should be possible. Are you able to do a select * from <table>? If you are not getting result of that, problem you are facing is that you are not hitting the DB correctly. Once you are able to successfully run select query, update queries will work as well, unless your ID is short of required permissions.

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            Prabhash Jha

            Hi Lars,


            If you are able to run the integration through data source, yo should be able to replicate it in the activity too.

            Check if you are able to get data into your import sets first. If you are able to load data in SNOW, it means that there are no connection/ access issues.



            try to do it using the SQL user and see if it works. (set FALSE the integrated authentication checkbox on data source form ).

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              Lars Rottmann

              Hi at all,


              to get data over the data source module is not the problem.

              It's works to select data from table and creating an importset by using integrated authentication.


              The generally database connection works. I am able to get data with the JDBC Connection, but only with an local User for SQL database.

              But we need use for this an Domain user, i can't still see any way to use this in JDBC Connection.


              Our relevant MID-Server application is running under this domain user, if we set the Checkbox for "Use integrated authentication" it works without any credentials when i use data source.


              does this works for JDBC too ?