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    Group Change & Member's Preference in Resource Plan Module - Jakarta

      Hi All,


      Could anyone please help me on the below query?


      When creating a Resource Plan request in the resource_plan form, the Members list doesn't gets cleared on change of 'group_resource' field. Please have a look at the screengrab below, where the Group Resource is - 'Database Atlanta', but the Members list also has members from the previous selected Group Resource. So, there is no validation or check on the Member's list based on the Group Resource and doesn't clears the members from the previously selected Group resource.


      Is this a bug or any valid logic behind it? (OR) Is there any fix for the below issue?


      Users screengrab shows the Members who belongs to 'Database Atlanta' - Only 2 members ('Bow Ruggeri','Miller Andrew') ! But the Members list has other users too, which was selected from the previous Group Resource. The below screenshot is after saving the changes in Group Resource.



      Thanks & Regards,