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    Case State will reset itself if resolved by a certain user

      We have opened the State field to be editable by certain CSM users (non-agents) via our Service Portal. It works fine, except for when you move the Case.State to "Resolved", then attempt to Save. When this happens, any value you typed into the form is lost. It feels like a Business Rule is aborting the action, but I cannot find it. This only happens when I impersonate a customer user, as opposed to using my admin credentials or even while impersonating a regular agent.


      So my question is - how do you debug business rules in Service Portal? I can turn on BR debugging then go into SP, but the output isn't shown on the page, and I can't see it in the Node Log File Browser, either.

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          Patrick Schulte

          I ended up opening a ticket with HI and apparently the behavior of UI actions in Service Portal differs substantially from the platform UI. In SP, a UI action's conditions will be evaluated once to determine whether the button should be shown on the form (the normal behavior you are used to), but also AGAIN when you use it. There appears to be logic included such that if using the UI action would remove your ability to write to the record, it will stop the update.


          There is a PRB for this (PRB1244328), but it's still not known if this is just an unintended side effect of the UI action implementation in SP, or just poorly documented behavior.