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    Default value question - seeing differences with import/transform vs UI create


      We are on Jakarta release. We created a new True/False attribute in CMDB class cmdb_ci (u_managed_ci) with default value of true. I am seeing different values for this variable depending on how the CI was created. On CI's created via the blue "New" button always set the value to true (as expected). However, when import/transform is used I was seeing mixed results -

      Oracle Instance - set to true (as expected)

      Oracle Catalog - set to true (as expected)


      DB2 Instance - set to false (expected true)

      DB2 Catalog - set to false (expected true)

      Sybase Instance - set to false (expected true)

      Sybase Catalog - set to false (expected true)


      The "managed CI" attribute is not a column in the spreadsheets used in the import, so I know I am not overriding the default in my input file.


      Looking for hints on what to check.


      Jim Millet