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    How can we find User available resource hours to create new Resource plans for new projects-PPM MODULE

      here i am calculating hours manually

      Ex: Mr.Danny had been   assigned 2-projects for 2- years and he is allocated for 32-hours for a week  on 2-projects , but now we are planing to assign this person for some projects so how can we find that Mr.Danny available resource hours and available %.




      How can we find those persons has not been allocated to any projects and he has full available hours & %

      Ex: Mr.Sam,  he has been not allocated for any project. So how can we find like this person is not allocated for any project -he has full available hours, available % so can we use Rio ,    where can we get this kind of details not only Rio, some more other users


      Finally i would like to know who is available, who is not.  & how much available % he has ? as this kind of information