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    How to sum up costs from contracts


      current situation:

      I have defined a Software Model and Software License for this model. This software license hast two contracts one for the license and one for maintenance.  This maintenance contract has to be paid once a year.

      1. Is it possible to see the cummulated costs of these contracts in the Financial Tab of the Software License.
      2. Is it possible to define that the costs for one contract are e.g.: 1,5% of an other contract. And the costs are calculated correct.
      3. Is there a Reporting for the costs of this month/quarter/year
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          Ben Sweetser

          Hi Christian,


          1. Not on the Financial form section, but what you can do it to create Contract Rate Cards on the Contracts. Associate the Software Licenses (or Software Entitlements if you are working with SAM Professional in Jakarta). Then when the Rate Cards hit, an Expense Line is created for the Asset. You see all the costs associated with the device in the Expense Lines related list. This requires the Cost Management plugin if you don't already have it activated, but should get you what you need.

          2. You cannot base costs for one contract on the cost of another contract. I'm not coming up with a great way to do something like this, either. You would need to create your rate cards for these separately.

          3. With the expense lines, you can easily report on when the costs are applied to be able to view them for the month/quarter/year.


          Hope this helps,


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          Ben Sweetser, Principal Business Process Consultant