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    Incoherent behavior with password2 field type



      I have an issue with reading Password2 type field on a record.


      On the one hand, I try to read the "scp_password" field on the "sys_data_source" table.

      I get the value of the password in clear (unencrypted)


      On the other hand, I try to read the value of a custom Password2 field on a custom table.

      I get the encrypted value of the password.


      I've checked this using script background:

      var datasourceGR = new GlideRecord('sys_data_source');
      //=> I can see clear value (unencrypted)
      var customGR = new GlideRecord('u_mytable');
      //=> I can see encrypted value like +L/u8CSGmL00MaSa+EyjGA==


      I've doublechecked that the 2 fields are really the same Password2 type.

      It seems to me that the bad behavior is on the sys_data_source table, shouldn't it be encrypted ?


      Any idea about this?

      We are on Istanbul.