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    Creating an Easy Import from a List View

      I am following the instructions found here, to create an easy import template with ALL of the fields (columns) for the Software Entitlement table.


      The problem is ... ALL of the fields (columns) are NOT being imported.  I'm getting about 57 fields and there are actually 86 fields.


      I'm in Jakarta-Patch5.




          - Shawn

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          Kevin Zeng

          Hi Shawn,


          The [Create Excel Template] button will contain all the columns currently available on your personalized / default LIST VIEW of the table. I wouldn't rely on the button that says "include all fields in the template", to manually add all fields to your list view so that the [Create Excel Template] captures all columns, please follow the steps below.


          1. Navigate to the tables list view, e.g.  incident.list and click the [gear] icon on the upper left of the list

          2. Add everything on the left side of slush bucket to the right side. [Shortcut is to use Cntrl + A] and click to move everything under 'Selected' bucket.

          3. SAVE

          4. try doing the import excel template again: Right click the label of any column in the list view > import > and select [create excel template]

          6. You should now see every single column that exists within the said table and this should help you with your Import template.


          7. finally you can adjust your list layout by clicking the [gear] icon, and selecting reset to column defaults.


          Please mark my response based on its impact.

          Thank you

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              Shawn Clune



              I only had six (6) fields / columns selected when I created the template and it gave me about 57 ... so I don't think the selection of the columns had anything to do with the discrepancy I'm seeing.


              Having said that, you raise a good point that I could try adding all of the fields and then create the template to see what happens.