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    How to transpose row data for reporting

      Hi, I receive from an external provider a table with the following format:


      UserDateDuration 1
      Duration 2
      Duration 3
      Duration 4
      Duration 5
      Duration 6
      Erik01-01-20171 minute 10 seconds1 minute 10 seconds1 minute 10 seconds1 minute 10 seconds1 minute 10 seconds1 minute 10 seconds


      Is there a way to create a pie chart from only this row? Showing the total of all duration columns and separating each duration column?  Similar to the image below.



      I tried with an option for multiple sets with Performance analytics subscription but it only allows 5 sets of data and in this case there will be more and also only allows column, line and bar chats.  Can I transpose to vertical so I can generate the pie chart or any other chart?


      Also tried with custom charts and was able to produce something close to what is needed but it doesn't seem to support dynamic conditions as in sys_user -> dynamic -> me. I would have to create a custom chart for each user and manually add it to their homepage or dashboard?