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    CMDB integration

      what r the steps need to follow to do a CMDB integration using SOAP bi-direction CMDB integration between HPSM tool and Servicenow instance.

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          shidhartha ashe

          Hi Anyone answer to this question.

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              Varad Kulkarni

              Hi Shidhartha,


              As you need a bi-directional integration between ServiceNow and HPSM, you would have to use Inbound (Publish ) and Outbound (Consume) web services.

              To elaborate further, follow the below steps to get the data from HPSM to ServiceNow.

              1) Create an Outbound SOAP Message with the SOAP WSDL provided by HPSM.

              2) Using the functions provided by SOAP Message functions, script a scheduled job to query HPSM using SOAP message and get the data dumped into Import Set table.

              3) Write transform maps and transform scripts to further push the data into actual cmdb tables.


              Now to send the data from ServiceNow to HPSM,

              1) Create an Inbound Web Service.

              2) Script the functionality that you want to publish to outer world so that they can perform the CRUD activities against the ServiceNow CMDB.

              3) As an example, you can check the Computer Web Service (imp_computer).


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