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    Showing Incidents against a Product Model

      Hi All,


      I've been able to show incidents linked to CIs (so by adding the 'Incident->Affected CI' within Related Lists), however would like to be able to show all incidents related to product models - so Hardware Models. There doesn't seem to be anything 'incident' related on the 'Related Lists' options for Product Models - I've tried looking online and within the forums however am no closer to finding any information about how to set this up.


      Has anyone managed to do this, or have any ideas?


      I look forward to hearing back!


      Thanks in advance,



        • Re: Showing Incidents against a Product Model
          Sushant Malsure

          I would suggest to create a 'Relationship' for any custom/complex related list view.

          System definition> Relationships.


          if you are familiar with scripting then you can write script (in relationship) to query on table from where you can identify all incidents  related to product model and show it as related list.


          once you have everything in place ; your newly created relationship will be available as related list on the table you created.

          Sushant Ram Malsure